somebody i can call him “MINE”


What a day!
Fortunately, I met this guy.

He is a friend of mine since we were in elementary school. We didn’t care for each other at first. Not even think to share each other.
But who knows if God already have a plan for us??

I started to like him. He’s so silly, funny, and smart.
He says that he likes me,too.

Our journey has just begin. We don’t know how long this will be last, but for me, I just wanna share my life with him. I just wanna be the best for him, if i could. And I wish, I could.

Thanks dear for shimmering me with your love.


3 thoughts on “somebody i can call him “MINE”

  1. ranii mahardika

    mel, ceritanya mirip-mirip dengan ceritaku en pacarku 😀 kami temen smp lho, dan jadiannya baru beberapa bulan yang lalu.


    good luck for your new relationship iah, Dear 🙂
    hope will be forever, amin!

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