go down deep.


My cellphone vibrates. One text message from you.
I read the text message. It said :
“Check your email.”

I turned to check my email directly and saw your name as the sender on top of my inbox.
I read the subject of the email. It said :

“For you…and ALWAYS for you my life is…”

God. I can see many love fairies smile to me and makes me believe that you’re the one.

love fairy


5 thoughts on “go down deep.

  1. errrr…. mau dunk dikirimin yg seperti itu sama pacarnya Mel. hehehehe, salah iaa? harusnya sama pacar aku. hehehehe,,
    a very romantic simple thing 🙂 ranii like this..

  2. hello, it’s almost been a year since you visited my blog. sorry, i never knew that you visited mine. you asked me to visit yours so… here i am. nice to meet you

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