upside down.


everything happens for a reason.

I do believe the meaning of that phrase since January 30th, 2010.
Many..many…soo many things that happened in my life up until now have meanings that I’ve never imagined before.
The meanings could emerge in near future, or maybe.. it could be show up in a long time.

The world turns slowly. It means that life is rotating too. What we can’t have in this present life, it doesn’t mean we can’t have it in our future. There always hope, as long as we have faith, pray, and effort to achieve it.

This world is only like a piece of cake that can easily swallowed by God’s willing. Means that, it can easily “changed” by God. Just keep to your faith and everything what’s best for you will be come true. Just believe that, God is a GREAT PLANNER and only God who knows what’s fits you best 🙂



YAY! My exams is over. yes, it’s done.. but it’s NOT well done.
Stres gue. Parah banget gue di ujian kali ini. Itu semua karena gue super panik. Ga kaya ujian biasanya yang gue bisa tenang and everything goes well,… Ujian kemaren HANCUR. LEBUR. Gue udah bilang sama nyokap kalo siap-siap aja buat bayarin uji ulang gue,hehehe..

Selesai ujian, emang paling enak jalan-jalan. Ngabisin duit (kalo emang lagi punya duit,hhe). Besok mungkin gue dan pacar akan pergi jalan. Belom tau sih kemana. But well, everywhere and everything seems perfect if you spend it with your lover, right? :p

Harusnya hari ini gue ketemu pacar setelah sekian lama kita ga ketemu (it just about one week actually, tapi berasa banget lamanya), karena kita masing-masing lagi sibuk ujian. Tapi kita ga jadi ketemu. Alasannya? OPENING CEREMONY WORLD CUP 2010! yeah, sebagai maniak bola, cowok gue sangat menantikan itu dan gue pun ga tega kalo harus maksa dia buat ketemu.

Ngomong-ngomong tentang World Cup, emang bener-bener KEREN BANGET deeehh Opening Ceremony nya! Gue sih ga peduli pertandingan bolanya (karena emang ga ngerti bola), jadi gue hanya menanti the opening and the closing. Hehehe.
Kalo ditanya jagoin siapa di World Cup ini, gue jawab Germany. Kenapa? Bukan karena emang gue ngerti skill pemain2nya sih, tapi karena gue suka negara Jerman! ahahaa.. ga nyambung.
Jadi, kalo kalian jagoin siapa nih?? 😀