I think I’m starting to lose my mind.


I’m depressed.
Problems always never get too far from me lately. What kinda problems? Anything, like family, job, relationship with my bf, and the biggest one is a problem with my self.

All of those pressure sometimes make me stronger. Push me to give my best and make me try to stand still to face it. But u know, u just can’t always face all of those problems. Get many, sooo many things to think. There’s a time when u feel sooooo bored, trying to loosen up the tie that bind tightly on ur chest, and when u can’t do it u feel so terrible, don’t know what to do, feeling so empty, even u can’t tell ur closest friends/bf what the hell is going on! ure losing ur grip ur hold on to and finally u feel that ure out of ur mind.

Yeah. I’m in that final phase.

Those problems cause my freaky mind lately. Any small detail I consider it to be a big problem. I think into that small detail too much and finally my brain doesn’t seem to hold on any longer and change it into a tick-tack running bomb that ready to explode anytime. And when it explode, I think I will be in a mental hospital.

Depress emotion, lose ur interest and happiness, and always feel tired–> Depression Main Symptoms. (Diagnosis of Mental Disorder, as it were taught at my med school lately)

Dear Psychiatrist, I need ur help. Maybe some counseling and some of ur anti-depression medicine.


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