Know Me Better



It’s Obenn here. Of course, it’s not my real name. But you can call me one.

I used to be called Gomel among Bloggers with as my blog.

I’m trapping in Jakarta with all of those crowded and hectic life. Want to get a better place to live, but I just stuck here.

I have a hard life full of struggle to be a good doctor, since I’m still in the third year in Medical School.

I love to read, to write (of course i do), to watch movies, to hang out, to sing, catch up with you guys! 😀


9 thoughts on “Know Me Better

  1. ini Obenn yg mana sih? yg cewek apa yg cowok?
    Soalnya temen saya yg namanya Oben itu cowok, dan saya lihat id twitnya kok ya meliapratiwi gtu… 😀 eh salah, melatipratiwi


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